Advanced Pools History

Advanced Pools is a family run business founded by Rick Legnon in 1978. At the beginning, Advanced Pools was mostly involved with the servicing and repairing of existing pools. This allowed us to really develop an understanding of what is needed to maintain and use a swimming pool on a daily basis. In the early 1980′s Advanced Pools began to do sub-contract work for other swimming pool contractors. Our construction services then included excavation, plumbing, electrical, and steel installation. We later expanded into masonry aspects of construction. This “hands on” approach to pool building has proved invaluable with regards to understanding how quality and the construction of swimming pools interrelate. 

By the mid 1980′s, Advanced Pools was ready to begin to contract swimming pool projects in their entirety. We enjoyed working on our own projects from start to finish. We especially enjoyed interacting directly with our customers. We have never forgotten our roots. To this day, our local projects are almost entirely constructed by our own in house crews. And, customer communication continues to be on of our strong points. In time we began to experiment with more and more complex projects. We also began to develop a distinct design style. In the early 1990′s we built one of the first “Vanishing Edge” pools in our local area. The result was beautiful.

From that time on our main focus has been on that genre of pool design. Our most recent design developments include our innovative “floating spa”, a feature that is synonymous with Advanced Pools, and the beautiful “zero edge” effect that we have perfected. While these types of pools are what we are most recognized for, we also have not forgotten the average, day to day swimming pool. We fully believe that whatever the level of complexity of a project the same principles must be applied. We don’t have multiple standards of construction. Our philosophy on construction is pretty basic. The water feature must be built to the very highest standard. The pool must have a hydraulic plan that allows for maximum maintenance benefit with the minimum of energy use. The structural plan must account for the worst case scenario.

Functionality must be thought out thoroughly. And, all of that must be mated with the perfect aesthetic design. It’s a formula that has worked for us for over three decades now, and we’re not about to change it at this point…