Design Services

After all, it is all about the design. The design styling of Advanced Pools is unmistakable. People from all over the world have contacted us requesting our design services. Whether found via the internet, or, via the numerous magazine articles and media coverage that Advanced Pools receives for their beautiful luxury pool designs, people know our product by its appearance. They recognize the simple elegance of a design style that is clean, understated, and practical. Recognized by the industry with numerous international design awards, including the extremely prestigious “Master of Design” designation, Advanced Pools designs are obviously highly sought after. Their design services are, of course, available to those fortunate enough to be local to the Advanced Pools offices. Those local individuals may call our office and request a site visit for complete lot evaluation. That process is similar to the process as stated below. However, for those out of the immediate area of the offices Advanced Pools, we also have a mobile design service that makes sense. Rick Legnon is the chief designer responsible for our mobile design service.

The design process is quite straightforward. After a telephone interview the client should be able to decide if there is good “chemistry” present and a genuine understanding of their needs and wishes. If they desire to move forward, an initial site visit is scheduled. At that meeting the design “feel” usually becomes obvious, after all, that is what we do best. Also, project specifics, site idiosyncrasies, budget concerns, and various other construction related items need to be discussed. While some of these things are not necessary “fun”, our job is to find solutions in a way that makes sense and is practical with regard to the project budget. That is what makes this design approach so desirable. After our initial meeting a concept design can be developed.

To aid in the visualization process, photo realistic three dimensional renderings are prepared of the proposed design. This allows the client to “walk” through their future water feature area and really get a feel for the intended effects and overall feel, as well as completely understand the lines of site from various perspectives. This takes all the fear of the unknown out of the equation. After any revisions are accounted for, a finalized plan is prepared, allowing for budgeting and construction game plans to be developed. We can even assist you to find qualified local tradesmen to make your dream a reality. We have found that this approach allows for the project to be exactly what the client has envisioned, and also, quite often, allows for a much tighter budget process, sometimes saving considerable cost. We could call that a “win win” scenario for you!