Why even have a pool without a spa? That’s how many people feel, and it is no wonder when you consider the health, relaxation, and entertainment benefits a well designed spa will bring to the project. We feel that the spa should be both highly functional, inviting, and visually enhance the project. We like to incorporate at least one “Royal” chair for the Queen or King of the place, where one can receive even more pampering than normal. It is absolutely necessary to have a separate jet system, as well as to have foot jets. As for the aesthetics, the spa design should certainly flow with the overall design, and not appear as an “add on” to the project. Advanced Polls is internationally known for our “floating” spa, which we developed in 2003. While it has been copied, we feel that we still set the standard for this unique style. As you can see in the photographs, the opportunities are limitless as to design.