Vanishing Edge Pools

The mainstay of Advanced Pool’s designs, the “Vanishing Edge” pool is a swimming or reflecting pool which produces a spectacular visual effect of water extending to the horizon, “vanishing” into an extended “infinity”. They are thus also sometimes known as “Infinity Edge” or “Negative Edge” designs. Included in this genre of pool is the “Zero Edge” effect, a breathtaking effect in which the water level of the vessel is the same height as the surrounding deck surface. These types of designs are often seen at exotic resorts and exclusive estates and have been seen extensively in magazines and advertising. This exposure has fueled a high level of interest in this genre of pool. The benefits of this style are obvious, tremendous beauty and a feeling of clam and tranquility. The perfect candidate for this application is a setting that boasts a beautiful view or spectacular focal point. In that type of setting the vanishing edge pool behaves similar to a beautiful frame around a classic paining, enhancing the painting without overshadowing it.